In this agenda you will find lectures, workshops and special events organized at ICMC De Bron. These activities always relate to health, vitality and inspiration.

Every Thursday

19:30 – 20:30 and
20:30 – 21:30


Meditation is one of the most sustainable ways to guarantee (inner) peace and happiness in your life. The meditation evenings are meant for everyone who is looking for a way to create more peace, joy and (spiritual) space in a hectic life and to get closer to the innerself.

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October 9 (start)

Wednesday (8 weeks)

19:30 – 21:30

Course Mindfulness

The world in which we live is running at a particularly high pace. People constantly have higher demands on themselves and their environment. Everyone deals with this pace of life and the challenges it offers in its own way.

Mindfulness can be an effective tool to keep your rest and personal balance in the midst of all the hectic. You learn to deal with limiting thought patterns and predominant feelings in a different, more effective way. As a result, you automatically gain more access to positive moods, you live more in the present moment, so you can increase the quality of your life.

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October 15


19:30 – 21:30

Oops! Burnout

Burnout does not come naturally and completely suddenly. Often a lengthy process precedes with a lot of constant tension and overload. It is a creeping process and you usually notice it too late. You already experience signals, but ignore them. You go on and on; often on willpower: “It won’t happen to you”!

Especially for people who already experience (vague) complaints, we go deeper into burnout, what is it, should I take it seriously, what are the symptoms, what can / should you do to prevent it and what tips & trips are there.

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October 30


19:30 – 21:30

Workshop series: Control your weight

How do you do that with the coming holidays?

You feel too heavy or have trouble losing weight. Or, with a lot of pain and effort you can keep your weight in balance. But the festive month is coming, with many “social activities, cocooning and of course good food and drinks. A disaster for your weight!

In this workshop we will elaborate on the backgrounds of weight management, the “do and do nots”, we give you tips & tricks and there is plenty of room to exchange experiences of participants.

This way you will be optimally prepared for the holiday season with pleasure and peace of mind.

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November 6


19:30 – 21:00

Thermographic breast scan

MammaHealth offers women a safe and painless way to determine the health of their breasts. This is done by thermography. But what is thermography and what does a thermosgraphic breast scan actually mean? What are the pros and cons and also the risks? How is a thermographic breast scan compared to, for example, mammography, MRI or ultrasound? 

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November 13


20:00 – 21:30

Divorce: And you as a grandparent are out of the game

Do we still see our grandchildren?

Nowadays, much is demanded from grandparents. Babysitting 1 to 2 times a week, taking care for grandchildren coming home from school; being available for weekends because your own children have to refuel and recover from work stress.

Unfortunately, about 1 in 3 relationships ends in a divorce. In the first instance, more is demanded of grandpa and grandma. But during the divorce itself, they are not involved and are often left helpless. And from the moment on a partner (or both) has found a new relationship, a completely new situation arises. Do we still see our grandchildren? Suddenly other “strange” grandparents look after our grandchildren! Or we, in addition to our own grandchildren, look after children we don’t know at all.

Patries Baijer, our mediator, has a lot of experience with counseling divorces and with situations like described. She likes to share her insights. And of course there is plenty of room to share your own experiences.

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November 21


13:30 – 17:00

Workshop: Burnout in / out of my organization

Approximately 16% of the employees experience burnout complaints or have already dropped out. That is a lot, worrying and costs the employer on average at least € 250 per day. Certainly something to take seriously.

This workshop is specially set up for employers, managers, HR and occupational health professionals.

What are the myths and should I take it seriously? What is burnout anyway? How do I recognize an employee with burnout? What can / should I definitely (not) do as a manager or colleague? What steps can be taken in the recovery process? How do I make burnout discussable in my organization and what actions can / should we take collectively? In addition to answering these and other questions, there is ample room to exchange experiences and give each other tips & tricks.

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