ICMC De Bron is based on the vision of Integrative Medicine.

Integrative Medicine, unlike the current view, focuses not so much on illness, ailments and limitations, but on health, vitality, well-being and possibilities. Within Integrative Medicine the fact that there is an interaction between body and psyche is recognized and this knowledge is actively used in the process of prevention and recovery of health and vitality.


Integrative Medicine is in practice supported by four pillars, all of which are equally important. The pillars of Integrative Medicine consist of:

  1. Equal relationship between therapist and client
  2. Active role and personal responsibility of the client
  3. Combining available (as much evidence-based) regular and complementary therapies (within the ethical framework)
  4. We work in a so-called ‘healing environment’.Werken in een zogenaamde “healing environment”


Integrative Medicine is a global vision that has already been institutionalized in America, Canada and Australia. The Consortium of Academic Health Centres for Integrative Medicine was established in July 1999. Currently, 57 Academic Medical Centres have joined this Consortium, including Duke, Harvard, Yale and Stanford University. These centres implement Integrative Medicine in patient care, in training and research. In addition, there is a growing number of initiatives in Europe, particularly in Germany and England, as well as an academic chair in Sweden. In the Netherlands, this vision is receiving increasing recognition and base within hospitals, institutions and in primary care.

ICMC De Bron is affiliated with the Dutch NIKIM, the National Information and Knowledge Centre for Integrative Medicine.