ICMC De Bron

ICMC De Bron is an integrative health center in The Hague, focused on health, vitality and well-being. Regular and proven complementary therapies in the area of body and mind are offered and, when possible, integrated. Based on the vision of ‘Integrative Medicine’ our interventions are part of a special, multidisciplinary, integrative care.

A good balance between body, mind and environment is important for everybody. If this balance is disturbed, it has an immediate effect on health and vitality.

By putting our client first and combining and integrating the best proven treatment methods, we are able to quickly come to the source of the medical condition and offer you a customized treatment plan. Thanks to these effective interventions, our clients experience a faster and more sustainable recovery.

ICMC De Bron focuses on both prevention and solving imbalance, symptoms and ailments.


ICMC De Bron provides a unique approach to health problems and vitality improvement in the Netherlands with its integrative approach to body, mind and environment. Ailments and illnesses are dealt with in their integrality and in combination with recognized (including by the WHO) and proven treatment methods from both regular and complementary healthcare. Our clients come first and our interventions are focused on a quick and sustainable recovery.


The multidisciplinary treatment team of ICMC De Bron focuses primarily on complaints such as:

  • Lifestyle related problems
  • Burnout
  • Stress related complaints
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
  • Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS)  Lifestyle-related conditions
  • Chronic Arm, Neck and Shoulder pain
  • Mobility problems and limitations

ICMC De Bron focuses on both prevention and dissolving imbalance and complaints.


Furthermore, we have unique programs including:

  • Preventive Vitality
  • Weight Management
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Thermografical Breast Scan (Mamma Health)