André ten Have

Personal Life Coach / Executive Coach

André ten Have - Personal Life Coach


In more than 35 years, as a change manager and management / executive coach, I have assisted many organizations and individuals in realizing their desired changes and (personal) development. Currently I only work as a Personal Life Coach / Executive Coach In addition, I am very happy to support people with their desires to get more out of their own qualities and talents and / or who want to work on a sustainable improvement of their own balance in life (private and work).

You have more potential than you imagine!

I am convinced that people have more potential and resources than they imagine. For me, coaching is not learning tricks. It is all about authenticity and the optimal use of own qualities and talents. It is primarily investing in and working on yourself. Sometimes the balance is disturbed, something is hindering you, you do not feel seen or heard, you experience (too) much stress and you have to better guard your own limits. It feels impossible to make full use of one’s own qualities, talents and potential. I will gladly offer you my support.

I walk the road with you

With all my personal luggage I like to go the road with you and as a coach I walk by your side, towards your goal. Each person is unique. As far as I am concerned, there is therefore no standard approach to coaching. What works for one does not necessarily have to work for the other. I start from the current situation and needs of the client and therefore work very person-oriented. From an intense interpersonal connection, we search for answers to your questions. To find these answers together, trust, openness and a good ‘click’ are of course a first requirement.

My personal life luggage

With all my background, (work) experiences and studies Business Economics and Production & Logistics (USA) I take a lot of luggage with me. In addition, a few years ago I completed a post-graduate course in applied psychology. Based on craftsmanship and dedication, I like to combine methods and techniques from amongst others: NLP, Transactional Analysis, Bodywork and Systemic Work and Constellations.

A person who feels good and balanced is much happier, has full control over his own situation, is more powerful in life, feels more passion, is more easily inspired and sees life as a challenging and exciting adventure.