Mobility: Background

Posture and mobility complaints and restrictions

Everyone sometimes suffers from an posture or mobility complaint. You have made the wrong move and you feel pain for a few days in your back, legs, etc. You know well what the cause of the complaint was. Usually this passes by and the body recovers.

Posture and mobility complaints and restrictions can also be caused by the construction of your skeleton or muscles problems.

Habits and behavior

But (daily) habits (e.g. learned movement behaviour) can also lead to poor posture and incorrect movements. Often it are the “small” daily posture and movements; such as the way you sit, drive a car, walk (stairs), cook, etc.

Many complaints in this area often arise from inefficient posture and mobility habits. Due to illness, pain, tension and injuries, people often adjust their posture and movement behavior unconsciously. These disturbances in movement patterns can cause complaints. The correct coordination is, as it were, forgotten and sometimes it does not recover by itself when the pain is over.

Compensation behavior

The complaints can also manifest themselves in a different place in the body than the original cause. For example, an incident may have blown your neck (or atlas) and slightly shifted it. The tension in your neck and shoulders makes you walk crooked. You want to compensate for this skewing with your hips, so that your balance is not properly distributed over both feet. Ankle and foot complaints can then result.