Burnout: Symptoms

Burnout does not come naturally and completely abruptly. Often a lengthy process precedes with a lot of constant tension, stress and overload. It is a sneaking process and you are generally aware of it too late. You already experience signals, but ignore them. You go on and on; often on willpower: “It won’t happen to you”!

With a burnout you usually experience a number of the following complaints:

  • You often feel tired and listless;
  • You are increasingly worrying and you increasingly have negative emotions;
  • You have got the feeling that problems are piling up;
  • You are quickly and unexpectedly irritable;
  • You experience a reduced mental capacity;
  • You feel completely exhausted; even after a small mental or physical activity;
  • It is difficult for you to really relax;
  • At night you lie awake regularly (worrying) and find it hard to catch up on sleep again;
  • You can hardly concentrate for a long time. Your thoughts always wander off;
  • You experience physical complaints such as dizziness, muscle pain, stiff neck, stomach and intestinal complaints.

Research has also found altered reactions in the brain of people with a burnout. The EEG shows a flatter picture. This could indicate that people with a burnout have more difficulty processing information. And if there is still a need to process this information, extra mental effort is required. That, in turn, leads to mental fatigue that people with a burnout know all too well.



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