Burnout and stress. Corona didn’t let them disappear!

These are difficult and uncertain times. The Corona monster keeps us firmly in his grip worldwide and is far from defeated. Strict measures have been taken to contain the outbreak as much as possible. And the monster not only threatens our health! As a result of the measures taken, the virus is leaving a deep trail of economic destruction worldwide.

These are also anxious and stressful times. A lot of people, both young and old, are asking the same questions: Will the virus catch me too? When does this misery stop? Will I still have a job? Can we all manage financially? Will my business go bankrupt? What does our future look like for us and our children? Moreover, many people are (forced) at home and, despite the modern means of communication, feel very isolated. In addition to home life, work also has to be done and children require extra attention in their school activities.TNO Factsheet Burnout and stress

This situation results in a lot of tension, stress and sleepless nights. And you have to be very sturdy in order to cope with that stress.

Before the Corona crisis broke out, the number of people with Burnout and stress complaints was already enormous. To refresh your memory, a most recent TNO fact sheet (2019) has been included on Burnout and Work Stress. You can click on the fact sheet to enlarge it further.

That enormous amount has of course not diminished by Covid-19. On the contrary. Although the Corona virus is currently demanding all attention, it seems that Burnout and stress complaints have suddenly and completely disappeared.

However, the opposite is unfortunately true! Recent studies, as well as our own observations, show that Burnout and stress complaints have only increased further. Especially among young people.

ICMC De Bron is a health center for health, vitality and well-being. In addition to integrative interventions for physical and psychological complaints, we have been supporting clients with Burnout and stress complaints for more than 15 years.

Our team, including social psychological counselors and coaches, supports many clients, both private individuals and employees, management and (independent) entrepreneurs. And with great success. Our specific approach results in a quick and above all sustainable recovery.

Do you also have a Burnout or stress complaints? Don’t keep walking around with it; It really doesn’t disappear by itself, or with some rest! Although you are tired, exhausted and everything is too much for you, we advise you to take action now.

We are at your service with our specific approach, attention and passion.

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Our professional coaches all have very thorough, relevant education, years of experience and are happy to help you from their own expertise; and always full of passion!

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