Burnout: Our approach

At ICMC De Bron we are convinced that body, mind and environment strongly influence each other. A good balance between these three aspects is of crucial importance.

Based on this integrative vision, we have more than 15 years of experience with burnout and stress-related complaints.

We always put you first and we are fully focused on your fast and sustainable recovery. We have developed our own unique and multidisciplinary programme for burnout, based on an integrative approach.


We like to address your medical conditions thoroughly. At the source and in an integrative and multidisciplinary way! In a sophisticated programme, tailor-made for you. With recognized and proven interventions from both regular and complementary healthcare, which suit you best!


Every programme starts with a sound intake. We sincerely listen to your complaints, background, situation and wishes in an intensive interview of approximately 1.5 hours. Together we set goals to be worked on. Finally, a team of therapists will be lined up who will be involved in your recovery during the process.

Physical balance

After the intake we initially work on a better physical balance and condition. A lot of attention is paid to the recovery of your hormone balance. You’ll quickly regain more energy and you’ll already feel more comfortable in your own skin.
And, that is desperately needed, because if you feel more comfortable and experience more peace and balance, you can also better focus on the underlying, inner causes of your burnout.

Psychological balance

Not before the second part of the programme does the emphasis lay much more on restoring your psychological balance. In doing so, we search together for deeper insights into your personality traits, circumstances and environment. We guide you so that you can identify and remove obstructive patterns and causes of your burnout. In addition, you learn to listen to your body and you benefit from ‘tips and tricks’ that help you take enough rest in time and distance yourself.


In principle, the steps described above are sufficient for a complete and sustainable recovery. Although we assume self-reliance and self-healing capacity, a period of monitoring may be required to anchor ‘the new’ firmly and sustainably in your system.


By first investing in a better physical balance, the second part of the programme picks up in intensity and speed. The total process is therefore much more time effective than any other approach. Our programme fully focuses on a truly sustainable recovery.



Do you want to know if you have a burnout?

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