Burnout: Workshop

Wild stories or serious business


According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and TNO, around 16% of the Dutch labor force (that is 1.4 million) have a burnout or this group experiences serious burnout complaints. The average absenteeism due to burnout is approximately 11 months (or 250 working days) and the direct costs are estimated at a minimum of € 250 per day. This does not include the indirect costs (such as replacement) and the extra (social) pressure on colleques and teams. Burnout now costs Dutch business at least 2.7 billion. And in general the employer is held responsible and will have to bear these costs.

A burnout is therefore expensive, lasts a long time, is very intense for all involved (the employee who experiences it, colleagues, management and employer).

So it’s time to gain more insight into the background of burnout, to refute the ‘wild stories’, but also to find out how to prevent burnout.


We would like to share our (more than 15 years) experience in the field of burnout. In this (interactive) workshop we will, among others provide answers to the following questions.

In this workshop we continuously focus on the perspective of both the person who has dropped out as well as his colleague, manager and employer directly involved.

  • What exactly is a burnout and what are the “wild” stories?
  • What are the “risk groups”?
  • How do you recognize a burnout – (in)visible signs and symptoms?
  • What can you do yourself and what initiatives did you (and your team) already take?
  • What are the things you absolutely shouldn’t do or will certainly not help?
  • What are our experiences and what is our specific approach to burnout?
  • What can you do together in  your team or organization to prevent burnout?
  • What are the future expectations with regard to burnout?


This workshop has been specially developed for employers, management team, managers, HRM and OHS professionals. But also employees who want to know more about burnout or already develop burnout complaints themselves are of course very welcome.

The workshop is also very appropriate as an in-company training, team development or (part of) a department event.


In this interactive workshop you (as an employer, manager, HRM professional or even as a team) are provided with insights and tools to identify a burnout earlier and to be able to adequately respond and anticipate to it.

Moreover, you learn how to deal with an employee or colleague who is on the brink of dropping out, who is already at home with a severe burnout or who is back on the work floor after a long recovery period.

The workshop naturally also provides a good basis to develop policy and to take concrete, preventive actions to reduce and eliminate burnout in your team or organization.


This workshop is interactive in nature. Of course we take the lead and bring in our knowledge and long-term experience. But there is also plenty of room to share and discuss the experiences and insights of other participants.


This interactive workshop takes one half-day or approximately 3 hours. For example:

  • morning: from 09:30 to 12:30
  • afternoon: from 14:00 to 17:00

The times can be adjusted for an in-house workshop.

Look for current dates on our agenda.
Or contact us without obligation to make an appointment.


Minimum 8, maximum 40 participants


€ 95 per participant; excl. 21% VAT, including coffee / tea.
For in-company workshops, special rates apply per workshop.


André ten HaveAndré ten Have

André is director of ICMC De Bron and, together with his team, developed the unique approach to burnout. He regularly coaches burnout clients. As a former change manager, André knows organizations from the inside out and has a lot of experience in supervising workshops and training courses.

In addition to André there will be a relevant contribution from one or more professionals from the team at ICMC De Bron.