ICMC De Bron is open. But with strict measures

At the beginning of March, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus and related protective measures, we decided to limit the activities of our health center. Since then, therapies that require direct physical contact have been canceled and, where possible, other treatments have been offered  online.

Currently, the outbreak is more or less under control: The number of deaths is gradually decreasing, the utilization of IC capacity is steadily decreasing and fewer and fewer people are being hospitalized. The government has also very carefully announced a limited relaxation of the measures taken.

At ICMC De Bron, we have used the past few weeks to investigate how we can continue to responsibly meet the sharply increasing needs for guidance and interventions. In doing so, we tested all our therapies, our specific treatment methods and our unique and successful multidisciplinary approach against the measures taken by the government and our own additional guidelines.

We notice from our own clients, but also from the media and all kinds of research that there is a great need for psychological and mental support in particular. Due to the Corona, there has been little or no attention in recently for people with Burnout and stress complaints. In fact, the Burnout and stress complaints have only increased further due to all the measures taken and their economic consequences.

Based on the increasing need for support and the current Corona measures, we want to further expand the activities of our health center. But within the Corona guidelines of the government and with the following additional measures.

1. Welcome only without (Corona) complaints

When making the appointment, you will be asked about any Corona complaints (such as coughing and fever). This question will also be repeated when entering our hall and the client will be made aware of the Corona measures taken by the government. Unfortunately, if there are complaints related to Corona, the visitor cannot be admitted.

2. Wash hands upon entry

In the hall of our building we have placed a table with disinfectant Hand Wash Gel. Immediately upon entering everyone will have to wash their hands before entering our building.

3. More space in the waiting room

Although we only work by appointment and therefore have very few waiting clients, we have greatly reduced the number of tables and chairs in our, in itself spacious, waiting room. This has created more distance (at least 2 meters) for clients who may have to wait a little longer. This has also created more space to walk in and out of the waiting area in a responsible manner.

4. Time between two appointments

A time is set between two successive consultations. This allows the client to quietly leave the building after the consultation without having to come into contact with the next client. This period can also be used to clean certain parts and to ventilate the room (see also measures 5 and 6).

5. Frequent cleaning of important contact parts

The cleaning of our building and especially the central areas are kept clean at a greater frequency (think of toilet, door and -handles and handrails). The parts that clients and therapists use during their consultation (such as therapy benches, chairs and tables) will also be disinfected after each consultation.

6. Frequent and extensive ventilation of the rooms

Research has shown that good and frequent ventilation of closed spaces is crucial. Humidity also plays a major role in this. That is why we will ventilate our rooms well after use and monitor the recommended humidity.

7. No therapies yet that require direct and physical contact

Therapies that require direct and physical contact will not be offered for the time being. This could include Foot Zone Reflexology, Rebalancing, Acupuncture, Relaxation massage, etc.

8. Adjustments to consultations

During the consultations, the necessary measures will also be observed and, where necessary, the consultation will be creatively implemented.
a. The 1.5 meter distance will be observed as much as practicable;
b. If possible, the client and therapist may jointly decide to hold a (follow-up) consultation online

9. Outdoor consultations

The client and practitioner can jointly (in advance) choose to keep the consultation outdoors. Our center is located in the vicinity of a number of city parks and the beach (Scheveningen, Kijkduin) is also a short distance away. The current spring weather is also ideal for this.
Coaching in particular is ideal for conversations and exercises during a walk through the park or on the beach. It goes without saying that the 1.5 meter distance is also respected here.

10. No group activities and meetings

In a “normal” situation, ICMC De Bron regularly organizes meetings for groups such as lectures, training courses, workshops and group activities (including Mindfulness, Meditation evenings and family constellations). It should be clear that activities involving more than two participants will not be organized for the time being.


With these measures we assume that we have created the safest possible environment for our clients and visitors as well as our therapists. In this way we can support our clients as optimally as possible in improving their physical and mental health and vitality.