Charlotte Baan

Career Coach and Solicitation Consultant

Charlotte Baan


What drives me, as a Career Coach and Solicitation Consultant, is my genuine interest in people and bringing them into contact with their inner strength. I believe in the power of people and I am happy to help them discover that power. I also believe in the power of work and I am very happy to support people in doing business in the labor market so that they can participate (again), contribute and develop further.

Researching together

Out of interest for people, I focus, together with the client, on searching and finding the job that suits them best. The purpose of the process is to gain insight into further development and to take the necessary steps. Significance and vitality are important aspects of my way of working. I am a thinker of possibilities and I am convinced that what you pay attention to, grows. My style is characterized by the combination of empathy with a businesslike and result-oriented approach.

  • Individual career advice & coaching;
  • Personal presentations, Increase your X-factor;
  • Outplacement: From Processing to Networks;
  • Job coaching: “How do I get the job I want”;
  • Job coaching: Labor market exploration and approach;
  • Career reorientation, job application, Network and LinkedIn Training;
  • Support to create a distinctive CV and to write a catchy letter of application.
My luggage

More than 25 years of work experience in the dynamic world of people and work. I have followed and supervised the entire inflow, through and outflow process of people in different stages of life. In the positions of intermediary / manager in commercial job placement and as a career and mobility consultant I have worked for various organizations. As a result, I have a lot of experience in guiding participants, both collectively and individually, towards new opportunities on the labor market. Pathways are focused on career advice and job coaching and always tailor-made.

I have a background in Jungian Psychology and I have been trained as a career coach. I am CMI-B and Nolec certified. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and MIR (Mental Intuitive Reset) include the methods I use to get to the core with you and help you determine your vision and mission .

We cannot change the wind, but we can determine the position of the sails ourselves!