Connie Brandhof

Foot zone Reflexologist and Relaxation Masseur

Connie Brandhof

For a long time I have been fascinated by the healing effects of relaxation. Especially in these times with a lot of time pressure and full agendas. Social contacts can only be made by appointment. People allow themselves (too) little time for relaxation and rest. This often results in unnecessary stress, burnout and physical complaints.

I have years of experience with foot zone reflexology, relaxation massage and endermology in my own practice, but also at ICMC De Bron.

Foot zone Reflexology

Foot reflexology is an excellent way to let someone relax. In addition to its calming and relaxing nature, this therapy also detects the weak spots in the body and stimulates the improvement of these points. I work with essential oils for foot reflexology and relaxation massage. These oils have a therapeutic effect and are absorbed into the body almost directly through the skin. Already in the Old Testament there is frequent mention of the use of essential oils.


Endermology is a connective tissue massage that is performed with a mechanical device. It is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that deeply massages the skin tissue and stimulates the removal of waste. Local fat tissue is also broken down in longer sessions.

When it comes to relaxation, you are ‘in good hands’ with me!