On this page, clients of ICMC De Bron, voluntarily, write their ‘testimonial’ about the integrative approach, the multidisciplinary process, the guidance and the team, and all other experiences they would like to share.


Burn-out   –   September 2019

About 15 years ago, after university, I started my career with the government. I am now a manager at a large executive unit. I was brought up with the idea of ​​always doing a little more than your colleagues. That way you stand out and you can make a good career. I was full of  energy and could handle everything. But I also want to do things so well and thoroughly. I took a lot of work out of the hands of my boss, but (as I realized later) also of my colleagues. New projects, reorganizations, other ways of working, you name it. There was of course only 1 person that could handle that well! At every performance appraisal interview, my managers were enthusiastic and extremely positive.

But along the way it became increasingly difficult for me to keep all the balls in the air and to meet my ‘image’ of all-rounder and controller. “Don’t nag, but keep going”, I have always learned. So I went on, always with a smile. At one point my wife noticed that I didn’t want to do anything during the weekend and that I went to work later and later during the week. I also became more and more miserable (especially at home). And I still went on!

At a party of my sports club (where I didn’t want to go at all) someone told me that he had been at home with a burnout for some time. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but that conversation, and in particular the description of his complaints, came to me like a sledgehammer. I recognized those complaints so well! Somebody advised me to do the Burnout Test from ICMC De Bron and I went to my GP and our company doctor. Diagnosis: Burnout!

In the meantime, I have studied Burnout’s approaches a little more; sure I am a perfectionist and I want to get back to work as soon as possible! The multidisciplinary approach of ICMC De Bron appealed to me a lot and luckily my company doctor agreed to it.

From the first moment I felt at home and understood. No matter how slow and tired I was, in no time I really looked forward to my appointments at De Bron. In just a short period I felt much better again and before I knew it I was in the second part of the program. And … not just talking to the social psychological counselor.

What struck me most were the exercises we did. Very simple, but they really caught me deeply. It gave me tremendous insight into the manner and the underlying reasons for my acting and responding. Based on those insights, I was given room to practice in all privacy with situations and with reactions that ultimately suited me more. I always thought the other person would be angry if I said ‘no’, but a whole new world opened up to me!

After almost 4 months I am back to work (part-time). My reintegration is going well and I will be back full time soon. But with a number of personal and functional adjustments, which will only work out positively for me and my colleagues. No more pressure!

I am grateful to the team of ICMC De Bron (the orthomolecular doctor, the rebalancer, the foot zone reflex therapist and the life coach; but also the treatment coordinator) for all the attention and the expert guidance. I regained my old every-level, but I have learned to take myself seriously. I now also recognize the signals from my body if I go too fast or experience too much pressure and tension.


Burn-out   –   May 2019

Learn to live with it, no way! 

I have felt so terribly tired for ages. Everything was too much for me and I was quite irritable. On top of that I also felt more and more oppressive and I even got pneumonia. That was not the way I wanted to live. First I diagnosed myself that it was all due to hard work and reduced resistance. 

But no matter what I did, the fatigue remained and I could not really enjoy life from time to time. After several visits to doctors and specialists it was made clear to me that it was probably a chronic condition. I just had to learn to live with it and make the best of it. 

But I couldn’t and did not want to resign myself to this situation. I’m too young for that. Nevertheless, my “condition” eventually led to long-term absenteeism of work. During one of my visits to the company doctor, he made a proposal to me. He referred me to ICMC De Bron in The Hague. In this integrative, complementary medical center, regular and non-regular treatments are performed in an integrated manner. 

ICMC De Bron assumes that there must be a good balance between body, mind and environment. If this balance is disturbed, it has a direct effect on your health and vitality. The highly experienced practitioners put me first as a person. Together we really went to ‘the basis’ of my complaints and involved all aspects of my body, mind and environment. 

After a very detailed intake, where people really listened to me, I felt, for the first time that someone really understood my complaints. A multidisciplinary process was proposed to me, exactly customized for my situation. 

Surprising things emerged. A food intolerance, for example, turned out to be one of the causes of my fatigue. But also the fact that I could not do anything good in the eyes of my parents in the past, made me, now in the present, both literally and figuratively, become increasingly anxious. And at work, I always go the extra mile to even do things perfectly!! That exhausted me. 

Thanks to the team of the orthomolecular doctor, psychologist, acupuncturist and foot zone reflexologist, I have learned to listen to my body and take all my needs seriously. As a result my self-confidence has increased enormously. I also have a lot more energy and feel much better


Overweight   –   March 2019

Recently I participated in the Weight in Balance program. Well, indeed I have balanced my weight again.

I was too many pounds, so I started to exercise. I went to the gym, took the stairs and picked up a bike to work. I also drastically changed my diet. But there were hardly any kilos. To drive you crazy.

I decided to participate in the special program of ICMC De Bron. At first the doctor there completely screened me up to the DNA level. I was guided and supported in personal consultations with this friendly and knowledgeable physician.

I was monitored and we adjusted the personal treatment to the situation of the moment. And in a number of meetings, under the expert guidance of the sympathetic group coach, with ‘fellow sufferers’ we shared our experiences, we stimulated each other and we received extra information about subjects related to weight and healthy lyfestyle. At each meeting we also exchanged a number of delicious recipes.

In the past 6 months I have lost more than 22.5 kg and am very happy that I have taken this step.


Lifestyle   –   Januari 2019

The traject at ICMC de Bron, in the context of relapse prevention, taught me a lot and brought me a lot.

I, together with my wife, adjusted our diet and eating habits and we move more now. Instead of taking the car automatically, we walk or cycle more often. We now also take the stairs. I have become much more aware of the beautiful (often small) things around me.

I am now able to say ‘no’ more often and not to feel it anymore. I have been able to put a lot more balance in my work / private life, making me feel much fitter. I am now going to work again with much more fun and energy.


Burn-out   –   October 2018

I remember very well the day I discovered that I was burned out.

I was exhausted and according to the doctor, I better stop working, because that only would give me more stress. I did not know what to do.

I had weeks of meetings with a psychologist who worked, on a weekly basis in the local GP practice, so I did not have to go anywhere else. However, very soon this psychologist referred me to a special online therapy program. I tried this then.

My contract with my employer ended and that’s how I ended up at the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency). My UWV-consultant advised me several times to go to ICMC De Bron. But, as tired as I was, I ignored her advice the first two times. I thought sleep was the only thing I needed. But even that did not work. I totally lost control over my own life!

When I had gone for weeks and I had not gotten much better, I decided to visit the website of ICMC De Bron. I had spent a lot of time at home with some more rest and became curious about what that woman actually was talking about? I called the UWV immediately after visiting the website. “I really want an intake at De Bron, is that still possible?” my question was. My consultant was irritated because I completely ignored her the times before. “At that time I was too tired to come home anyway, but now I am ready to travel wherever it is”, was my answer. I was relieved when she still wanted to register me.

Very soon I had my first appointment at ICMC De Bron. That’s how my multidisciplinary process started at De Bron, 6 months after my diagnosis Burn-out.

What I mainly achieved here is setting my own boundaries and developing awareness. Therefore I recognize signals earlier if I cross these boundaries. At first, I never learned to say “No”. Now I dare not only say “No”, but I can also explain the “No”, without excuses and without guilt.

From now on I will put myself first, and from there I will see if I can and want to help someone else, taking into account if that gives me energy or not. When I am too busy with all kinds of things again, I will remind myself to breathe deeply in and out and then take things one step at a time at a slower pace. I allow myself to take life easier and to pay much more attention to my health and energy level.

The various therapists at ICMC De Bron have contributed enormously to my recovery. All practitioners are experts in their field, but made me feel at home. In an authentic atmosphere I felt at ease quickly.

I surprised myself to open up so easy. With the right guidance the underlying causes were brought to the surface. 

I still have a long way to go, but at De Bron I learned that balance is very important. I realized that I lost my balance a long time ago. I kept on going. Now I allow myself as much time and rest as I need. This is sometimes difficult but when I feel tired again, I take a step back.

And once again, that is why I am very grateful to De Bron.


Chronic fatigue   –   September 2018

The UWV company doctor referred me to ICMC De Bron. I had not yet given my husband’s loss a place.

In May I started the consultations. I have had consultations with a naturopathic physician, Life Coach and Career Counselor.

I never thought that the death of my husband touched me so deep. I was fully focused on the welfare of our children. These have ended up very well and I am very happy about that.

The Life Coach guided me to my inner self, allowing me to give the death of my husband a place and start a new phase in my life with joy. In all consultations I received sincere time, attention and energy.

I am very happy with ICMC De Bron. I can recommend it to anyone. All professionals of ICMC De Bron, thanks.


Burn-out   –   April 2018

I write my experience with love.

After a very difficult period in my life, with the help of ICMC De Bron, I am back where I want to be.
The therapy was perfect for me and the various treatments have made me powerful again. I made some new decisions and I know now again who I am and what I want.

I am very grateful to all 3 of my therapists for the expertise and attention I needed.

Kind regards.


Lifestyle   –   March 2018

To be honest, I didn’t always like the treatments at ICMC De Bron. But in the end it did me really well.

Because of the multidisciplinary process, I now have much more balance in my work / private life and I go through life with happiness and a lot more energy and pleasure.


Mobility problems   –   February 2018

How nice to be treated at De Bron. So much attention, kindness, sympathy which I have so far experienced very little of in institutions that make people better again.

The moment that you arrive, you are approached in a very friendly and attentive way by the assistants and therapists who strive to make you better again. What a fine feeling! All together it felt like home, so familiar and good!

Thank you, wishing you a lot of success.


Burn-out   –   October 2017

I was quite mixed up when I started. And the entire Bron process seemed like a big jigsaw puzzle.

I noticed that the process from the beginning already dealt with the basis of my problems at an unconscious level. At times it was not always clear to me what we were working on, until the puzzle pieces started to fall into place.

Due to the good coordination within the treatment team, the different therapies felt very complementary. There was ample room for me to adapt to the proposed programme. The whole approach has initiated a personality process that will continue in me for a long time.



Medically Unexplained Symptoms   –   September 2017

I have experienced the entire treatment process at De Bron as very positive. I was very tired and had developed a list of complaints, of which I did not know where they came from. 

With De Bron’s multidisciplinary approach I received a lot of help in “investigating” the underlying causes; say the source of my ailments.

I was given peace, time and understanding. And especially a lot of insights But above all sources, which in my opinion were very different from what I had expected had completely disappeared. And, as a consequence, my ‘ailments’ disappeared.

Conclusion: Good guidance from several, highly competent therapists, who put people at ease and let people be themselves. Appointments made were clear and they precisely aligned their treatment with what you as a client needs.

All in all, I give it an 8+


Stress (pre burn-out)   –   July 2017

I experienced the multidisciplinary approach at ICMC De Bron as very pleasant and useful. It has put me back on the right path and opened my eyes to the beautiful things around me.

The practitioners are competent, empathetic and involved. That makes it feel like you can really show yourself.


Burn-out   –   May 2017

Of course I like to write this testimonial.

ICMC De Bron has helped me in a difficult period. The treatments have given me more energy and motivation. Through more self-confidence and self-knowledge, I newly discovered my limits. 

Now, I am positive in life again, and have the tools to prevent such a difficult situation in the future.

I am grateful to ICMC De Bron for the fine, personal, honest and effective way of working.


Mobility problems   –   May 2017

I had been suffering from mobility problems for a long time and had been with a physiotherapist at the gym for a while. He advised me to go to the mobility therapist at ICMC De Bron.

Eventually it became a team approach of myself, the mobility therapist and the fascia therapist. And with just a handful of treatments, my complaints were gone. Incomprehensible.

My treatment process has therefore been very pleasant. An extremely professional team with expertise. The flexibility and commitment were great. And most importantly, all intended goals were reached!


Stress (pre burn-out)   –   December 2016

The treatments were very professional and I experienced them as very pleasant. I found peace in my mind. In the end I have the feeling that I can deal with things and go forward again. Without their experience and expertise, I would not have succeeded by myself and I would still be at home.


Burn-out   –   November 2016

It was a good process to get rid of my burn-out. I have benefited greatly from the various treatments. It has helped me get back on “track”. Contact and working together (with the team) went smoothly.

I gained more insight into my own functioning and received practical insights into my causes, habits and believes.

I still go for a “maintenance treatment” once in a while.


Mobility problems   –   March 2016

Enjoyed my consultations at ICMC De Bron as a pleasant experience. Contact and cooperation went very smoothly despite the sudden move to the new location and the renovation.

Knowledgeable people, nice atmosphere.