Family constellations

You are not alone, never have been!


Do you know the feeling that you have done something that you actually do not want at all; Or not doing something when you would like to? Do you recognize patterns, problems or even physical complaints that keep coming back and that hinder you? You may think: That’s just the way I am; This belongs to me!

However, you are not alone; Never been too. Since your existence you have a “connection” with your mother, but also with your father, brothers, sisters, grandparents, etc. In short, your home of origin. You have an (often unconscious) loyalty to the system of origin. It can strengthen you; but also hinder you to live your life to the full. Who we are now results from our history and past.


Family constellations (or systemic constellations) help you gain insight into hidden or semi-conscious interconnections and the origin of obstructive patterns, blockades and complaints.


Anyone who wants to gain (more) insight into the (origin of) their own obstructing patterns and blockades or other problems. In addition, this workshop is very suitable to get acquainted with systemic working (such as family constellations).


In a family constellation mutual dynamics and relationships become visible and people experience where tensions are present. Relationships and connections with the system of origin are made visible (and tangible) in an intense manner. These aspects provide the “case contributor” with insights into the origin of the experienced patterns, blockages and (even physical) problems.


The workshop takes place in a group: the client who submits a case and group members (men and women) who might represent people from the case submitter’s system of origin.

First, the client discusses his theme that he wants to work on. The client then chooses some representatives (relevant to his theme) and places them, completely intuitively, in the room. It is fascinating to notice that the representatives automatically get thoughts and feelings that correspond to the one they represent in the constellation.

Such a constellation makes relationships, tensions and obstructing factors visible. By introducing variations in the constellation, the dynamics change and the client gains insight into the subjects he can work on further.

What happens in a family system cannot be imagined. It shows itself in the constellation.


1 evening from 19:00 to 22:00 hrs.


Minimum 6, maximum 14 participants. Maximum of 3 cases.


€75,- for a case-contributor; €25,- for other participants. Including coffee / tea.

Mentor / trainer

André ten HaveAndré ten Have

André is a Personal Coach and assists people in investing in personal development. He works, together with the client, on a good balance, better use of quality and talents and the removal of blockages that hinder happiness in life.