Weight Management Programme: Weight in Balance!



You are overweight and you have tried everything to lose some weight. You are active enough, eat healthily and not too much. Still, you have not succeeded in achieving your desired weight. You might lose a few pounds, but not enough and after a while you just regain that weight. How frustrating!

You have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes by your doctor or with your current lifestyle, you are likely to soon. You are now taking medication, but want to stop. You just want to go back to a healthy balance!

You long for a healthy balance in your weight but did you know that more than half of all overweight cases actually originate from physical causes. Healthy eating and a plenty of exercise cannot solve it. And so, unfortunately, you have reached a plateau in your weight.


At ICMC De Bron health centre, we like to address your medical conditions thoroughly: at the source and in an integrative and multidisciplinary way. We offer a sophisticated programme, tailor-made for you with interventions which suit you best.

Basis programma Gewicht in Evenwicht
Basic Programma Weight in Balance

At first, our doctors examine whether there are physical causes and genetically-determined factors that could stand in the way of a successful weight loss. With the right orthomolecular and naturopathic remedies these causes which could stand in the way of a successful weight loss.are addressed.

In the follow-up programme you will be regularly monitored. During personal consultations, our doctors adjust the personal treatment to your situation of the moment. Additionally, in a number of meetings with peers you share your experience. You stimulate one another and exchange suggestions. We offer you extra information about factors that affect weight and a healthy lifestyle.


In addition to the basic program as described above, ICMC De Bron also offers a number of optional programmes. These programmes, each with their own perspective, support the basic programme and reinforce the final result. All these specials are fully focused on weight management.

Optionele programma's Gewicht in Evenwicht
Optional Programmes Weight in Balance


Of course, a balanced lifestyle, with sufficient exercise and good nutrition is essential but so are removing physical causes and taking into account genetically determined factors to remove obstacles to weight loss. This will help you balance your weight and could reverse your Type II Diabetes.