Henny van den Berg

Psychological Counselor and Coach

Henny van den Berg
Every time we leave a part of ourselves at home, we cut ourselves off from our greater potential, from our creativity and energy. No wonder that many work environments exude a kind of lifelessness (source: the first house).
People in their working environment are of particular interest to me. Can he fully bring himself to work? Or are there obstacles in his potential that make him experience tension, stress and work pressure?

Recognize the drop!

1 in 10 employees stays home with a burn-out. Together with you I will look for the origin of this work stress. My experience is that there is a regular connection to your lifestyle or a ‘being like that’. Sometimes stress is incorrectly labeled in the workplace. Together we look for what other stressors might be and especially what you can do.

Method and sources

I work in a client-oriented way. The approach is never standard, but always fully tailored to your request for help and problems. I work with different methodologies that range from Perspective shifting, Cognitive therapy to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). If a client finds it difficult to tell his story, I also like to work with Animism (creative method).

Director about your own life

Every person carries images within himself that can sometimes unknowingly be your saboteur. I help you to express those images. Sometimes individually or in a workshop, if that suits you better. I focus on the client to get a clear picture of the various puzzle pieces. Because then you can look at that image from a distance and get new insights. In short: become a director of your own life again.


My background is in theater as a director, actor and drama teacher. Some 15 years ago I stopped theater work. I am a developer and wanted to take a different path. As a director, I was asked for business training with drama interventions. I really enjoyed this. To professionalize this, I studied psychology and sociology. I designed my own work method that I call Workshops on Workplace (WOW). These workshops resulted in 1 to 1 contacts, so I subsequently studied Stress-Conflict-Crisis and Business Counseling. In that capacity, I worked for the Police, Erasmus MC, but also in smaller organizations. Since 2012 I started my own WOW practice.