Janneke Hellendoorn

Classic Homeopath

Janneke Hellendoorn

In 2009 I graduated from the School for Homeopathy in Amersfoort and since then I have an independent practice in Wassenaar. During these years I have continued to develop into a biographical coach, CEASE therapist (homeopathic detoxification) and child interpreter® according to the PresentChild method.

Especially for people who want to work on their vitality, I also provide vitality training and health coaching (both in groups and individually).

Insight, awareness and motivation

When it comes to human health, it is important to gain insight into how this person experiences his complaints, but also the events in his life and the world around him. This indicates his image of the reality he experienced and what he is aware of and what are still blind spots. Making contact with his experience of reality gives motivation and confidence to the client and is an important basis for working on his or her health from there.

What can classical homeopathy mean?

Homeopathic remedies are carefully selected on the basis of similarity. The drugs work best when the drug image best fits the symptoms that the client shows and experiences on a physical, emotional and mental level. This similarity and the dosage and frequency of the homeopathic medicines ensure that complaints gradually decrease and homeostasis (balance) and ultimately healing are achieved.

Disease classification

In recent years I have completed the courses A (disease classification and organon) and B (disease classification and chronic diseases) and I work with this treatment system. In the classical homeopathy of Samuel Hahnemann the disease is put central. Hahnemann was the first doctor to classify various diseases. He called this the ‘disease classification’. With this method the classic homeopath can analyze all factors that give rise to illness. This provides insight into:

  • the causes of acute complaints, such as an epidemic or a dormant hereditary disorder, which sometimes resolves;
  • the cause of chronic diseases through chronic drug use and vaccinations (iatrogenic diseases);
  • diseases caused by a wrong lifestyle (pseudo chronic diseases);
  • hereditary chronic diseases (chronic miasmatic diseases).

The Hahnemann Homeopathy Foundation, led by Ewald Stotler, has developed this beautiful workable system, which gives the client and the practitioner a better insight into what happens during the treatment. The client is thus directly involved in the treatment and gains more knowledge about himself and his illness and healing processes.

My passion is to bring people back to freedom and independence. Free from physical complaints, emotional blockages or limiting beliefs. The development of self-awareness and insight into one’s own life processes go hand in hand with physical and emotional healing processes.