Lifestyle: Our Approach

At ICMC De Bron we work from an integrative vision. This means that we continuously seek a balance between body, mind and environment (and social well-being). These three aspects have a strong influence on each other.

Based on this vision, we have been approaching symptoms and complaints of our client for more than 15 years.

We like to deal with the complaints thoroughly. At the source, integrative and (where necessary) multidisciplinary! And always with a plan, tailor-made especially for you. With proven and accepted regular and complementary interventions that suit you best!


Naturally, each process starts with a thorough intake. In an intensive conversation of approximately 1.5 hours, we listen to your complaints, background, situation and wishes. Together we will set goals to work on. Finally, a team of therapists is put together who will be involved in your process for a healthier lifestyle.

Physical balance

Our doctor, mobility therapist and (lifestyle) coach initially work on improving physical balance and fitness. Naturally, ample attention will also be paid to food, drink and smoking.

If necessary, our doctor can decide to call in your own GP and have part of the process carried out under the supervision of the GP and / or specialist. The mobility therapist will guide you with exercises, motivation and advice to ultimately move more and healthy in a responsible manner.

Mental balance

Lifestyle is not only about exercise and nutrition. On the contrary. In this part of the process, the emphasis is much more on the psychological balance. Together with our specialized coach, you look very concretely for the deeper insights into your personal structures, circumstances and environment. Your current lifestyle is based on this.

In addition, extensive attention will be paid to social and societal aspects, relaxation and a meaningful life.
The coach gives you guidance, advice, specific (relaxation) exercises and useful tips and tricks to get your rest in time, for example.


In principle, the above guidance is sufficient to (drastically) adjust your style of life and transform it into a healthy lifestyle. However, a period of monitoring and (decreasing) supervision may be necessary to anchor ‘the new’ firmly and durably in your system.


This integrative approach creates awareness (physical and psychological) and an active attitude to work on a healthy physical and mental balance. Ultimately, this results in a different, healthier lifestyle that contributes sustainably to a vital, meaningful and happy (long) life.