Lifestyle: Symptoms

Every person has his own style of life. It is often an unconscious habit and it turns out to be difficult to change. But in this time of abundance, a lot of sitting and great (social and work) pressure, our lifestyle is not always in line with what the body and mind need and can handle.

In this way, our lifestyle plays an important role in many diseases of affluence, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases.

From our integrative vision, there is a combination of six aspects (see Lifestyle: Background) that contributes to a healthy and happy (long) life. Therefor, lifestyle-related complaints are difficult to attribute to just one aspect.

Although you do not initially experience it as directly and consciously, you may experience a number of the following symptoms and complaints in an unhealthy lifestyle:

  • You are overweight with a BMI over 25;
  • You are obese (BMI over 30);
  • You have a reduced resistance;
  • You are already short of breath at the slightest exertion;
  • You are not in a good condition and quickly get tired or exhausted;
  • You regularly have physical complaints such as muscle pain, stiff neck and shoulders, stomach and intestinal complaints;
  • You have a headache more often than you used to;
  • Your blood pressure is too high;
  • Your cholesterol is too high;
  • Sometimes you experience¬† palpitations;
  • It is difficult to fall asleep and you do not sleep continuously;
  • When you get up you don’t feel completely rested;
  • You are often cranky, gloomy, irritable and / or annoyed;
  • You develop mental complaints and a negative self-image;
  • Your skin ages and no longer feels so smooth;
  • Your libido is getting less and less;
  • You lose authenticity.