Mamma Health offers women above the age of 18 the opportunity to determine the health of their breasts in a completely painless and women friendly way. The screening takes place by means of a thermographic breast scan; heat photos in combination with an unique computer program. No X-rays are used.


Women with breast augmentation, reduction or amputation (with or without breast prosthesis) may also receive a thermographic breast scan to give a clear picture of the health of the breasts. Thermography captures the heat pattern on the surface of the breasts with an infrared photo. Deviations in the heat pattern may indicate undesirable developments in the breast, e.g. inflammations or changes in veins. By screening the breasts periodically, developments in the heat pattern can be determined and monitored.

The thermographic photographs are interpreted by a doctor, expert in the field of thermography, using a highly reliable computer program.
Our doctors have long-term experience in assessing breast tissue. The doctor discusses the result with you. If further research is necessary (e.g. ultrasound, MRI or mammography), you will always be referred to your doctor (GP).

Prof. dr. Reinold Bertz is the founder of the system that Mamma Health uses. The system is used in more than 50 clinics in Germany and in many other countries.


My thanks to your institute and the manner of research. What a wonderful relief that screening is also possible ‘the Mamma Health way’. No longer the cumbersome ‘official’ way via GP, hospital and the breasts pressed flat. And then weeks, a little in tension, waiting for the results. It really is ‘just passing by’ (thanks for the coffee). With half an hour you know more and you can continue without a few sore breasts. I recommend it to every ‘mom’.
Greetings and until next time.



The price of a screening is € 195, -. Reimbursement depends on your health insurance. Some health insurers reimburse it (partly) within the framework of preventive care.

Make an appointment. Screening is possible in the short term!

For more information, visit our website: Mamma Health