Sometimes you just need someone to keep silent!


Meditation is one of the most sustainable ways to guarantee (inner) peace and happiness in your life. For thousands of years, people have been using the most diverse techniques to calm their minds and achieve a calmer state of being. Depending on their religious and cultural background, they use breathing, singing, prayer, music, visual stimulation or even scents. What these techniques have in common is that they are specifically designed to temporarily transfer the mind from its constant state of activity to a wider state of consciousness, where silence prevails.


Many people start meditating because of the practical need to cope with stressful or noisy situations or to gain more insight into their thoughts, emotions or behaviors. Others actively use meditation in their search for deeper levels of consciousness or spiritual enlightenment. During the meditation evenings there is room for both needs.


The meditation evenings are meant for everyone who is looking for a way to create more peace, joy and (spiritual) space in a hectic life and to get closer to themselves.


At the most basic level, meditation stimulates your physical and emotional well-being. You will experience less stress and improvement of your immune system. In addition, it gives you a deeply satisfying inner peace that increases your clarity of mind. You gradually become aware of higher levels of creativity, intuition, compassion and personal growth.

In the longer term you will notice that your entire state of mind will become more stable and you will experience yourself as lighter or more spacious. This makes it easier and more effective to deal with all possible circumstances that life brings to your path.


There are many different techniques for practicing meditation; e.g. guided meditations, voice meditations, visual meditations, body-mind meditations, walking meditations. During the meditation evenings at ICMC De Bron, different meditation techniques are always offered in blocks of one or two months.

Together with your fellow students you will learn which techniques are most suitable for you to enter the Silence and to come in a deep contact with your true Self.


Weekly sessions of 1 hour


Minimum 4, maximum 12 participanten per group.


€  15,- per single hour
€  50,- per month (monthly subscription)
€150,- per quarter (quarterly subscription)
Coffee / tea included

Mentor / trainer

Marc WervelmanMarc Wervelman

Marc is a naturopathic therapist specializing in energetic therapies, Mindfulness and Meditation. He provides tailor-made training courses and courses in the field of conscious and attentive life in the here and now.