Do not believe everything you think!


The world in which we live is running at a particularly high pace. People constantly have higher demands on themselves and their environment. Everyone deals with this pace of life and the challenges it offers in its own way. One person finds that fascinating, the other sometimes takes some effort.

Do you ever have the idea that you often do things on the ‘automatic pilot’? Do you have more and more trouble really enjoying the things you do? Do you feel regularly overwhelmed by situations, people, thoughts or emotions? You’re not the only one!


Mindfulness can be an effective tool to keep your rest and personal balance in the midst of all the hectic. By watching your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations in an honest and attentive way, you learn to be present at the same time with yourself and everything around you. By becoming aware and letting go of automatisms and judgments, it is possible to achieve inner peace and quiet. You learn to deal with limiting thought patterns and predominant feelings in a different, more effective way. As a result, you automatically gain more access to positive moods, you live more in the present moment, so you can increase the quality of your life.


The course Mindfulness is meant for people who feel overwhelmed by the hectic pace of their daily life, often worrying and may already suffer from stress-related complaints. But even if you want to better deal with difficult thoughts and feelings or you just want to explore how you can get more rest in your life, this course is recommended.


If you practice mindfulness regularly, you experience the things that you do much more intense. That way you can also enjoy it more. You function less on an autopilot and you are more connected to your intuition and inner wisdom. Because the peace increases you can handle things easier.


You can practice and apply mindfulness in many ways. For example in a more therapeutic sense or purely meditative. In this course you will learn both formal exercises and more informal, practical ways to deal with daily life in an attentive way. In 8 meetings we focus on breathing, body, emotion and feelings, thoughts and thought patterns and attention in your daily life.

Together with your fellow students you learn to be aware of what is going on in you and around you in different ways.


8 evenings from 19:30 to 21:30 hrs


Minimum 8, maximum 12 participants


€ 375, – including syllabus, audio recordings and coffee / tea

Mentor / Trainer

Marc WervelmanMarc Wervelman

Marc is a naturopathic therapist specializing in energetic therapies, Mindfulness and Meditation. Furthermore, he provides tailor-made training courses and courses in the field of conscious and attentive life in the here and now.