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As an integrative health center, ICMC De Bron constantly works on the health and vitality of our clients. We will continue to do that, of course. We have a large team of professionals who can provide advice, tips, support and consultations in many areas. Where possible, we now offer our consultations online. We don’t consider this as an ideal situation, but still want to meet a need and want to offer our clients as much support as possible.


How does it work?

  1. Call or email us or use our contact form on the website. Briefly state the complaint and your wishes, and possibly a time when you are available.
  2. We will call you back as soon as possible to further discuss your situation and to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals. You will then receive further instructions (for video calls, etc.) and confirmation by email.
  3. The professional in question will contact you for the consultation at the time of the appointment. This can of course be done by telephone, but video calling is often preferred.
  4. If (naturopathic) products, herbs, supplements, etc. are required, they will be ordered by us and then delivered to your home by post / courier.


What does it cost?

Although every therapist normally has his own rate, we want to use a fixed online rate of € 25 per 20 minutes during this period. This amount does not include any necessary (naturopathic) products (see point 4 above).

Consultations of many of our professionals are reimbursed under the supplementary health insurance. Consult your policy for this. You will receive an invoice from us by email, which you can then submit to the health insurer.


Examples of support

We have a team of professionals who can provide advice, tips, support and consultations in many areas. Some examples:

  • What can I do to maintain my vitality and build optimal resistance?
  • I feel anxious and afraid in these times. I worry a lot and sleep badly. What can I do?
  • I like to discuss my specific health situation with an outside professional;
  • I am constantly at home with my partner (and children). How do I divide my attention between work and private life, and how do I keep my situation at home livable and healthy?
  • What can I do to guide my children in a pleasant and good way during these times of learning and playing at home?
  • I already had complaints, but attention is completely overshadowed by Corona. I would like to discuss these complaints.
  • I realize that I have to exercise to stay healthy, but unfortunately I experience pain and complaints and cannot move freely;
  • What exercises can I do to maintain or improve my condition;
  • I have a burnout and I still experience a lot of stress. But being ‘forced’ to stay home does not give me rest and peace. What can I do?
  • I experience physical or mental complaints, but I have no idea where those complaints come from. What can I do?

These are just examples. Feel free to contact us to discuss your question!


Meditation and Mindfulness


You can also contact s for meditation and mindlnessfulness guidance and exercises.

For thousands of years, people have used a variety of techniques to ease their minds and achieve a calmer state of being. But also to reflect on the situation and your own position in the community.


Just a good conversation

Finally, in these bizarre times you can always call for a good conversation. I cordially offer you this conversation for free!

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