ICMC De Bron is an autonomous and independent integrative health center. Our center originated from the strong desire to optimally bring together two health movements.

1. Treating you as a whole person

A person is physically, mentally and emotionally inseparable from his environment. He has the ability to find a balance between body, mind, feelings and emotions as a person and in relation to his surroundings. Symptoms arise when this self-regulating ability stagnates. With many complaints there is therefore a relationship between body and mind. People with a physical complaint can also develop psychological complaints and vice versa, causing cause and effect to be quickly confused.

2. Regular and Complementary health care complement each other perfect

All kinds of studies show that many complaints are categories as ‘Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS)’. Apart from a symptom-fighting therapy, regular health care has few real answers to this. In contrast, acceptance grows that a more holistic or naturopathic approach can help the patient.

From these two movements, complaints, ailments and illnesses are dealt with integrally and in combination with treatment methods from both regular and complementary health care.