Vision, Mission and Goals


In this present time, man is increasingly seen as a whole. He is inextricably linked to his environment physically, mentally and emotionally. Everybody has the ability as a person and in relation to his environment to find a balance between body, mind, feelings and emotions. Symptoms arise when this self-regulating ability stagnates. Often symptoms manifest themselves in a completely different way and different place than the real cause!

By searching for and removing the actual cause, interventions will restore the balance and thus human health, quickly and sustainably.

ICMC De Bron is based on the vision of Integrative Medicine.


ICMC De Bron guides and treats people with (impending) complaints (whether or not work related) and focuses on prevention as well as on resolving imbalance and complaints.

We are more then convinced that the real cause of the complaints can best be eliminated by using both regular and complementary options. Due to an intensive, professional collaboration of regular and complementary therapists, the (health) result is more than the sum of the parts.

With this integrative (multidisciplinary) approach we realize a fast and sustainable recovery of the health of our client.


ICMC De Bron aims to improve the health and vitality of our client in a fast, contemporary and integrative manner, sustainably on a physical, mental and social level.

The client experiences a significant, qualitative improvement in his physical and mental health status and in the overall well-being as a (working) person. The psychological and physical capacity has been strengthened so that the client can create more choices in thinking, acting and feeling. He experiences a qualitative improvement in his social functioning.