MUS: Background

Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS)

Many people sometimes have complaints that cannot be explained directly. You may not feel well for a day or have muscle pain after an intense workout. Nothing wrong! But if you continue to have complaints, if they get worse and worse, or if complaints arise, you generally first go and see your GP. If he can not identify any disease, damage or conditional items and cannot find a direct cause of your complaints, people will soon speak of Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS).

For example, you can have stomach pain because you have a stomach flu. Then the cause can be easily explained. After you have healed from the stomach flu, your complaints will also disappear. But if you have abdominal pain and no causes can be found (such as stomach flu), the complaints cannot be explained sufficiently.

What is MUS?

MUS are physical complaints for which there is no direct cause. But you don’t make them up, you are not an offender and you don’t want those complaints either. These are serious complaints that can cause a lot of trouble.

However, there is a cause behind every complaint. But it is often difficult to find an unambiguous cause. Sometimes the real cause is three or four steps further. It is sometimes a matter of trying.

At ICMC De Bron, we assume that body and mind (as well as the environment) influence each other strongly. A physical complaint may therefore very well have been caused by a psychological barrier and vice versa.