MUS: Our Approach

At ICMC De Bron we work from the conviction that people are one and that body, mind and environment strongly influence each other. A good balance between these three aspects is of crucial importance.

Based on this integrative vision, we have over 15 years of experience with complaints that are initially defined as inexplicable.

Our experience shows that it is not always easy to find the cause and then to remove the complaints. It often is a matter of searching and trying! By looking at your situation and complaints in an integrative (say holistic) way, and from there on acting further, we still achieve good results!

For us, only the client and his situation is important. We are fully focused on your quick and sustainable recovery.


We like to deal with the complaints thoroughly. At the source, integrative and multidisciplinary! With guidance and interventions that are specially tailored to your situation and wishes. With proven and accepted regular and complementary interventions that suit you best!

It is clear that we strive for customization. We have absolutely no standard procedure available, especially with MUS complaints. It often is searching and trying. The description below therefore only gives an indication. However, it is obvious that our guidance and interventions have an integrative character.


An intake is of crucial importance, especially in the case of Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS). We want to get to know you better in an intensive conversation of approximately 1.5 hours. We listen to your complaints, background, situation and wishes.

Together we set realistic goals to work on. Based on all this information, our intaker will make proposals regarding a possible treatment route. Finally, we put together the therapies that are expected to contribute best to a fast and sustainable recovery of your health.

Physical balance

In this section we will get started on the physical area. Of course entirely depending on the complaints, we will use the right therapist and therapy.

For example, our (orthomolecular) doctor can perform a diagnostic body scan to gain more insight into the functioning of (parts of) the body. Also (a combination of) physiotherapy, fasciatherapy, mobility therapy, but also acupuncture, homeopathy and even energetic therapy could be used.

The use of these therapies is of course intended to relieve symptoms and to remove or reduce physical complaints.

Mental balance

Certain physical complaints can arise from psychological, emotional or behavioural causes. Such obstacles could lead to physical tensions and limitations.

If this was discussed during the intake, we will guide you in recognizing and removing the impeding factors. In a number of sessions with, for example, a Life Coach, Social Psychological Counselor or psychologist, you will search for deeper insights into your personal structures, circumstances and environment.

Further support

Certain counseling and interventions listed above may work better if they are further supported by other types of therapies. Think of Bowen Therapy, Rebalancing, Relaxation Massage or Foot Zone Reflexology. These therapies are aimed at, for example, learning to recognize the signals of your body better, reducing the build-up of tension in your body or learning to relax and ground yourself better.

Monitoring and Advice

In principle, (a combination of) the steps described above would be sufficient for a complete and sustainable recovery. Although we assume self-reliance and a self-healing ability, a period of monitoring may be necessary to anchor “the new” firmly and durably in your system.

In addition, the need may grow to be able to keep your peace, to empty your head frequently and to stay more aware in the present. You can learn and practice this with both Mindfulness and Meditation.


By considering man as a whole (integrative), we pay attention to the interaction between body, mind and environment. Certainly with MUS complaints it often turns out to be a matter of searching and trying. Nevertheless, through our intensive and integrative approach we achieve the desired goals and results faster and more effectively on all fronts. All guidance and interventions are always aimed at a rapid, but certainly sustainable recovery.