Stress: Our Approach

At ICMC De Bron we are convinced that people are one and that body, mind and environment strongly influence each other. A good balance between these three aspects is of crucial importance.

Based on this integrative vision, we have over 15 years of experience with stress-related complaints and burnout.

Only our client and his health are important to us. We are fully focused on your quick and sustainable recovery.


We like to deal with the complaints thoroughly. At the source, integrative and multidisciplinary! With guidance and interventions that are specially tailored to your situation and wishes. With proven and accepted regular and complementary interventions that suit you best!


To get to know you better and to tailor our interventions to your needs as much as possible, we start with a thorough intake. In an intensive conversation of approximately 1.5 hours, we listen to your complaints, background, situation and wishes. Together we will set goals to work on. Finally, we put together the therapies that best contribute to a fast and sustainable recovery of your health.

Hormonal balance

You may have been experiencing the stress symptoms for some time and that stress is so strong and long-lasting that your body can no longer properly regulate the production of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.
In those cases we initially want to work on a better physical balance and vitality.

A lot of attention is paid to a balance recovery of your hormone balance. You will soon get more energy and you will notice that you feel more comfortable “in your skin”. That is also urgently needed, because if you feel more comfortable and experience more peace and balance, you can also better focus on the underlying, inner causes of your stress complaints.

Mental balance

In a number of sessions with, for example, a Life Coach, Social Psychological Counselor or relaxation therapist, you will search for deeper insights into your personal structures, circumstances and environment. We will guide you in recognizing and removing obstructing patterns and causes of your stress. We also support you to look at certain situations in a different way and to take action in this respect from your own authenticity (e.g. ‘dare to say’ No). In addition, you learn to listen to your body and you get “tips and tricks” to get your rest in time and to distance yourself.

It is possible that you will gradually find out that you will do better in a completely different position or with a different employer. Even then we can guide you with career coaching.

Monitoring and Advice

In principle, the steps described above are sufficient for a complete and sustainable recovery.
Although we assume self-reliance and a self-healing ability, a period of monitoring may be necessary to anchor ‘the new’ firmly and durably in your system.

In addition, the need may grow to be able to keep your peace, to empty your head frequently and to stay more aware in the present. You can learn this and practice with both Mindfulness and Meditation.


By considering man as a whole (integrative), we pay attention to the interaction between body, mind and environment.
Thanks to this intensive approach on all fronts, we achieve the desired goals and results faster and more effectively. All guidance and interventions are always aimed at a rapid, but certainly sustainable recovery.