Stress: Symptoms

In stress situations, an extra amount of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol is produced. With prolonged stress, or many frequent moments of stress, the body is no longer able to recover. The cortisol level then remains too high and stress complaints such as feelings of restlessness, agitation, chaotic behavior, forgetfulness and sleeping problems arise.


These stress complaints can manifest themselves in many ways. Often in aspects that you do not recognize from yourself at all.

  • You feel nervous and tense;
  • Even without extra effort, your heart rate is higher and your breathing faster and shallower;
  • You have headaches and stomach aches more often;
  • Your neck and shoulders are stiffer and more tense;
  • You sleep worse;
  • Your mood changes in a negative sense;
  • You become irritable more quickly and even cynical;
  • You develop a negative thought pattern;
  • You become listless and tired;
  • You become quieter in conversations.
Further effects

These complaints can affect your immune system, making you more susceptible to, for example, the common cold, flu and other symptoms. It will also have an effect on your relationship with others (partner, friends, colleagues). It can lead to you increasingly withdrawing from your social environment.