Stress: Tips & Advices

With a healthy dose of stress you can perform well and you can work well, concentrated and efficiently. As long as the tension is “temporary” and your body has enough time to recover, there is no problem.

To prevent (unhealthy) stress from accumulating, developing further stress symptoms or even Burnout coming in, you will find a number of tips and advices below:

Good balance between tension and relaxation
  • Keep a good balance between tension and relaxation.
  • Divide your (work) activities into smaller parts and alternate them regularly with a relaxing activity (for example: standing or walking for a while).
  • You tend to keep going, but a short “pause” really improves performance and reduces workload.
  • Learn to clear your mind, find peace and live more in the present with Mindfulness or Meditation.
Say “No” more often
  • People who find it difficult to say “no” are more likely to experience stress complaints.
    You will have to say “no” more often just to protect yourself and take it seriously.
  • Or ask for a time out for reflection if your colleague or manager attacks you with friendly requests.
  • Compliment or reward yourself if you have managed to say “no.” It can save you a lot of time and energy.
Accept the result
  • Have you done everything you can or can’t influence it anymore? Then let it go in your mind.
  • Don’t worry about it anymore and accept the result. Because of this acceptance you will experience more peace and you can start new tasks more easily.
Set realistic (intermediate) goals
  • By setting realistic, achievable goals, you can ensure that you don’t overestimate yourself.
    If you set the bar too high, you risk not achieving your goals and being left feeling disappointed.
  • Divide your job into small tasks.
    With each intermediate goal you can be proud of yourself and you get closer to your final goal.
Get enough sleep
  • Sleep is very important to restore your body and mind.
  • Good sleep contributes to a rested and fit feeling. So make sure you sleep well. Go to bed an hour earlier.
  • Make sure you go to sleep completely relaxed. No more TV, PC, tablet or mobile, at least half an hour before bedtime.
  • For example, don’t take your phone to your bedroom at night.
  • You can do a lot to sleep well. From relaxation exercises to well-ventilating your bedroom before you go to sleep.
Stop worrying!
  • Do not keep worrying, but actually solve your problems.
    Do you often worry about problems? Worrying is the gateway to action.
  • By worrying you keep thinking in loops and you do not come to a solution. So instead of continuing to think about a problem, learn to actually map out your problem and then solve it.
  • If this is not possible, try to let it go: after all, you cannot change it.
Move more
  • Exercise strengthens body and mind. There are countless advantages: your mood improves, you become more resistant to (work) stress and you feel fitter.
  • Try to move for half an hour at least five days a week. You can think of running, walking, swimming, gardening, etc.
  • You can also easily incorporate extra movement into your daily life by making some small adjustments. For example, take the bike more often when you go shopping, or take the stairs more often instead of the elevator.
Set priorities
  • Take 5 minutes in the morning to get that day’s work sorted out. All those little tasks that have to be done that day and that you are afraid of forgetting, create a lot of anxiety in your head. They are fixed on paper and you get an overview.
  • Consider how important each task is. Is it really necessary today? The number of tasks for today must be realistic and achievable.
Moderate your coffee and alcohol consumption
  • You temporarily feel better when you drink coffee or alcohol, but in the long run you will feel better when you moderate this. You will start to feel fitter and get more energy.
Do fun things
  • You can – and even need to do – fun things. Allow yourself a good time. Force yourself if you don’t feel like it at first. It helps you recharge your battery and shake off all your worries;
  • Meet with friends outside working hours;
  • Pick up a hobby from the past or watch a good movie.