Strengthening our immune system

Corona-virusThe Corona virus has a tight grip on the Netherlands and the rest of the world. The consequences of this, as yet unknown virus are enormous. On the advice of experts from, among others, RIVM, the government has announced far-reaching measures.

These are good, necessary, but also “passive” measures that are imposed on us. What can we do ourselves? Each of us has a powerful weapon to offer optimal resistance: Our immune system!



The Corona virus is a new virus, against which there is no vaccination or any other therapy. Therefore, there is currently no other choice than to take measures aimed at two goals:

  1. Short term: the prevention of a peak load (overload) in healthcare;
  2. Longer term: achieving group immunity.



Measures against the Corona-virusTo achieve these goals it is crucial that the entire population adheres to the announced measures (do not shake hands, wash hands more often, keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, cough and sneeze in your elbow (cavity), social distancing , stay at home, etc.).

These are mainly hygienic regulations to prevent the spread and transmission of the virus.

However, this is only part of the measures that could be taken. What measures can we take ourselves? No official presentation, meeting or press release and no talk show, nor in interviews or in the press talk about (strengthening) our immune system.

Our body’s immune system is very important and is an essential part of the fight and cure process of any disease, including a viral infection such as the Corona virus.


Immune system

Every person has a natural defense mechanism to fight diseases and keep pathogenic elements “out”. This is our immune system. The vast majority of our immunity (about 80%) is in our intestines and is mainly determined by the intestinal flora. Within ‘complementary’ medicine, this forms the starting point for the use of many therapies and (naturopathic) remedies. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has also regarded this as a basis for centuries.

Also, in recent years, especially by cell biologists, many scientifically proven publications have been published about the impressive and complex chemical and physiological processes, which include vitamins, hormones and nutrients, which together activate the immune system in our body.

Essential in the healing process is an effective immune response. There are good natural complementary antivirals for fighting and killing viruses, scientifically substantiated, whereby the rate of division of the virus is adequately inhibited. In addition, a good balance of healthy nutrients, hormone balance, vitamins, energy, etc. is crucial for a well-functioning defense mechanism. For example, the current Corona crisis is causing a lot of stress. This ensures increased cortisol production to ward off the “danger.” Unfortunately, unnecessary (and too) much energy goes to ‘survival of danger’ and therefore (too) little to fighting germs (such as the virus).


Influencing the immune system

Most people’s immune systems are affected by a number of aspects. The most important of these are:

Every body needs food for the different life processes of the body, but the choice of the type of food and the variety in this influence the load on the immune system. For example, it has been proven that “wrong” carbohydrates (high glycaemic) can lead to excessive adiposity (overweight) and the disease Diabetes type2 (with too high insulin levels). Insulin then acts as a pathogen and causes low-grade inflammation, which overloads the immune system. According to recent reports from IC doctors, approximately 90% of Corona patients in the intensive care units are overweight.

Physical exercises are of course of great importance for our health, but “excessive” stress and activities that are often reluctantly performed can be harmful by forming so-called oxidants in combination with psychological stress. We have become accustomed to going to the gym frequently, but now, because of the Corona measures, we can not use it and we move much less at home. This can also have consequences for our immune system.

Research has also shown that mental and emotional stress have a huge impact on the body’s hormone system, which in turn affects our immune system. The uncertainty and fear surrounding the Corona virus and its control are stressful. But also the (overkill of and contradictory) reports, penetrating media images and especially the daily figures of hospital admissions, an increase in ICU patients and an increase in the number of deceased people lead to emotional stress.

Sun (light) not only produces vitamin D3, but also contributes to a mental boost (you feel better when the sun shines). Both aspects promote our immune system. Fortunately it is spring and the temperature is rising. The number of hours of sunshine is also increasing. But we are all inside and unfortunately can only enjoy the sun very little.

The above aspects show that the immune system is significantly influenced by our lifestyle. More than ever, especially in this Corona era, attention to a healthy lifestyle is of great importance. In addition to all good (and rightly taken) measures by the government in the field of hygiene, information, attention and care for strengthening our immune system is crucial.


Individual, personal approach

In addition to government hygiene measures, everyone can work on a strong immune system. The better the defense, the less attractive your “system” is for the effects of viruses, also for the corona virus. Moreover, by working on your own immunity you also contribute to the development of group immunity.

But every human system is different and every body reacts in its own way to (external) threats and events. In addition to the general tips and advice, a personal approach is therefore recommended. Our orthomolecular and naturopathic doctors and therapists can support you in this (including the natural complementary antivirals).

In a telephone or video consultation, you can discuss your own backgrounds, situations, concerns and wishes with our specialists. Based on this, a recipe is tailor-made for you (herbs, naturopathic remedies, etc.), which takes your immune system to a higher level. In this tele-consultation our doctor or therapist will also give you advice in the field of lifestyle, etc.

We are also happy to share the recent experiences from China (Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM) with you. There, acupuncture and Chinese herbs and naturopathic remedies played a major role in the recovery of Corona patients.

You do not have to leave the house after the consultation. The medicines are ordered by us and then delivered to your home. You can store the herbs well and use them again in periods of reduced resistance.

A consultation can be reimbursed  by your health insurer on the basis of an additional insurance (alternative medicine). Consult your specific healthcare policy for this.


General tips and advice

To work positively on your own optimal immune system, a number of general tips and advice are given below. These recommendations are universal and generally apply to improve the defense mechanism.


  • “Rinse” your body afterwards with cold water. Your immune system then gets an extra activity stimulus (boost);
  • Do not have dinner too late or too heartily;
  • Dimming the lights in the room where you are at that moment provides extra peace of mind;
  • Avoid exercising (late) in the evening;
  • Try to bring more humor to your daily activities. Lots of laughter positively improves your body and mind in many ways;
  • Turn off TV and radio and play a (board) game with each other or put together a puzzle;


  • For breakfast, take a handful of nuts (preferably a mixture of hazelnut, walnut, macadamia, pecan and Brazil nut) instead of a traditional breakfast with bread;
  • Provide very varied meals enough fiber to stimulate the intestinal flora;
  • Eat power foods, fruits and vegetables;
  • Take tryptophan and melatonin-rich foods such as: ripe tomatoes, bananas, turkey and chicken;
  • Provide an extra (high) dose of vitamin C (preferably Ascorbate);


  • Avoid excessive physical exertion (especially in a large group) and avoid strenuous exercise. This causes oxidants and lowers the resistance;
  • Walk or cycle regularly. Dancing and skipping is good too.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator;
  • Work in the garden or take care of the plants on your balcony;
  • Jumping rope or something like that is an excellent activity;
  • Regularly interrupt your (business) activities with a walk and / or simple movements;


  • Limit the reporting about Corona to the (necessary) essentials;
  • Put on your favorite music;
  • Watch a good movie or series instead of news and background programs;
  • Plan a good daily schedule with a good daily rhythm and stick to it;
  • Make good and unambiguous agreements with your housemates, partner and children;
  • Make arrangements regarding smartphone and computer use and switch off your phone in the evening;
  • Avoid too many stimuli (monitor, TV, films, etc.) before going to sleep (2 hours);
  • Get enough sleep in a cool / fresh bedroom;
  • Take regular rest for mindfulness and meditation exercises;


  • Regularly open all windows and feel the fresh outside air;
  • Find a quiet spot in the open air, out of the wind and in the sun;
  • If the sun is shining in your room, open the balcony door or windows and sit / lie in the sun in your room;
  • Make sure you protect your skin well; the sun is already quite strong.


Used sources

The sources of this article are from various scientific publications. Many articles can also be found on the internet. In addition, we also draw from our own courses, knowledge and years of experience of our orthomolecular and naturopathic doctors and therapists.

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